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Boris Berezovsky: the causes of death of the fugitive oligarch, the details of the death and personal life

One of the most prominent entrepreneurs of the 90s, Boris Berezovsky, suddenly died in London on Saturday, March 25th. The businessman was found dead in one of the bathrooms of the house where he lived. The official cause of Berezovsky’s death has not yet been named, but the versions about the possible causes of his death are multiplying like mushrooms after rain. There are about five of them. Dp.ru collected all versions of the causes of death of Boris Berezovsky, as well as the details of his death.

Death of Berezovsky details

Boris Berezovsky died

Russian businessman Boris Berezovsky died on the 68th year of life, his son-in-law Egor Shumme reported on March 25 on Facebook. “Boris Berezovsky died,” he wrote. He was found dead in a house in Surrey in the south of England.

Boris Berezovsky cause of death: five versions

Cause of death of Boris Berezovsky: version one - cardiac arrest

The official cause of the death of Boris Berezovsky has not yet been named. His close friend Demian Kudryavtsev initially reported that the businessman had a heart failure.

Cause of death of Boris Berezovsky: the second version is poisoning

British police believe that Berezovsky could have been poisoned. The tissues of the deceased are taken for examination, they will be sent to the British nuclear weapons research center Aldermaston. Specialists of this center in 2006 established that Alexander Litvinenko, lieutenant colonel of state security, was poisoned by radioactive polonium.

Cause of death of Boris Berezovsky: version three - businessman strangled

Today, March 25, there was a version that Berezovsky was strangled, it was voiced by the former deputy general director of the airline " Aeroflot “Nikolai Glushkov. According to him, a scarf was found next to the body of the deceased, the businessman’s fellow businessman does not believe in suicide.

The reason for the death of Boris Berezovsky: the fourth version - suicide

Also in the media in the first hours after the death of Berezovsky, information appeared that he had committed suicide. After losing a high-profile lawsuit against another oligarch Roman Abramovich, Berezovsky was depressed, wrote Western media. According to the decision of the High Court of London, he had to pay £ 35 million to Abramovich for legal fees. The judge called Berezovsky "fundamentally unreliable." All this undermined the businessman.

People from Berezovsky’s entourage told the media that lately the oligarch preferred to stay at home, and four months ago he was treated in the British Priory clinic, where he took anti-depressants.

“He was exhausted mentally, he spoke about suicide. He told me that everything was over, there was nothing in it, and the best thing that could happen to him was a heart attack,” Berezovsky told the Guardian.

Berezovsky is mired in debt. He began to sell the property: home, rare Rolls-Royce, art objects. Recently at the auction of Christies was sold the print of Andy Warhol's "Red Lenin". The doors of the office of a businessman in central London have been locked up for several months now.

It is also said that British secret services killed Berezovsky.

Recently, Boris Berezovsky lived in London, where he received political asylum. At home, the businessman was accused of committing a number of criminal offenses. From London, Berezovsky often made statements criticizing the Russian authorities, in particular, the central political figure of the Russian Federation - President Vladimir Putin. According to the press secretary of the president Dmitry Peskov Berezovsky wrote a petition to the president asking him to allow him to return to Russia. True, he passed the point of no return and could not return to the country where he made the state.

Back in 2011, the Russian president said: "We know who is sitting in London: they want to come back, but while I’m sitting here, they cannot."

Berezovsky will be buried in Moscow - who said

When and where Berezovsky will be buried is not known for certain yet. Before that, his body will undergo a series of examinations to establish the causes of death. However, Dmitry Peskov, in an interview with the Russian media, did not rule out that Moscow could consider the question of the funeral of Berezovsky in Ross, with the note: "If the appropriate offer is received."

Boris Berezovsky family and children

Berezovsky was officially married twice. The first wife, Nina Korotkova, studied with the future entrepreneur. She was two years younger than Berezovsky, the couple signed in the early 1970s. After that, they had two daughters - Elizabeth in 1971 and Catherine in 1973.

The second time Berezovsky married in 1991, Galina Besharova. Back in 1989, the couple had a son, Artem, and in 1992, their daughter Anastasia. The following year, Galina and her children flew off to London, and since then Berezovsky has lived separately from them. Divorce Galina and Boris Berezovsky issued only in 2011. The entrepreneur paid his ex-wife a record-breaking compensation - from 165 to 220 million pounds.

Berezovsky’s last companion, Elena Gorbunova, bore him two more children — a daughter, Arina, in 1996, and a son, Gleb, in 1997. After breaking up in January of this year, Gorbunova filed a lawsuit against the oligarch for several million pounds sterling.

Video: Reuters

Video:   Reuters

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