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Abdominal Bodyflex - not just a set of exercises, but a way of life

  1. Advantages and features of bodyflex
  2. About contraindications
  3. The results of regular training
  4. Breath is the foundation
  5. Bodyflex Exercises with Marina Korpan
  6. Effective exercises for the sides and abdomen
  7. Exercise for a flat stomach
  8. Stretching the sides
  9. "Pretzel"
  10. "Scissors"

Table of contents:

  1. Advantages and features of bodyflex
  2. Three Rules by Grieg Chillers
  3. About contraindications
  4. The results of regular training
  5. Breath is the foundation
  6. Bodyflex Exercises with Marina Korpan
  7. Effective exercises for the sides and abdomen

Bodyflex is a special set of exercises developed by 53-year-old Grieg Childers, who after the birth of three children was able to return to 44 sizes after 56. The basis of this method is physical exercises combined with aerobic breathing. If you breathe properly during exercise, the body is saturated with oxygen, as a result, fat is broken down, wrinkles are smoothed, skin is tightened, cellulite disappears.

Advantages and features of bodyflex

  • This method, like any other, has its own features and advantages:
  • Exercises for the abdominal bodyflex do not take much time. Usually, to make the stomach flat, 15-20 minutes a day is enough.
  • With the help of the system you can strengthen and tighten not only the body, but also take care of the face and neck, to achieve a rejuvenating effect.
  • According to statistics, people who were engaged in bodyflex, for 7 classes waist decreases by 10-15 cm.
  • You can do in the fitness club or independently at home, and there are no age restrictions.
  • The main feature of this technique is that during the sessions the abdominal muscles are tightened and the volume of the body decreases.

Three Rules by Grieg Chillers

Grieg Chaylords strongly recommends three rules that must be strictly observed so that the results of the classes are visible:

  1. Engage only on an empty stomach. It is best in the morning, 15-20 minutes after waking up, but if this is not possible, then not earlier than 2-3 hours after a meal.
  2. Make your workouts regular. The intensity does not play a significant role in bodyflex, it all depends on how often you do the exercises.
  3. Failure to comply with strict diets. The body spends an enormous amount of energy during exercise, it needs strength, so in no case do not follow a strict diet and do not limit yourself in nutrition. If it seems to you that training is not enough for losing weight, then eliminate flour and sweet from the diet.

About contraindications

As with any technique, body flex for abdomen and sides has contraindications, be sure to familiarize yourself with them before starting classes. Refrain from exercise if you have:

  • cerebral aneurysms of the brain and increased intracranial pressure;
  • severe diseases of the cardiovascular system, for example, pulmonary hypertension, heart failure, etc.
  • problems with the spine, especially if you have recently undergone surgery or implants are inserted;
  • exacerbation of any chronic diseases;
  • bleeding in any area;
  • infectious diseases (temporarily restrict classes until full recovery).
  • pregnancy.

The results of regular training

If you do everything correctly and do it regularly, then after 5–7 sessions you will feel that the body volumes have noticeably decreased, especially the waist, cellulite is not so visible, the weight is also gradually decreasing.

Positively, the bodyflex also affects the nervous system, tension decreases, mood improves, the state becomes calm and peaceful. If there were any problems, such as constipation, snoring, migraines, then over time they will disappear.

Acceleration of the digestion and the cleansing process also contributes to weight loss.

Breath is the foundation

Before you start the exercises on bodyflex, be sure to learn how to breathe correctly. So, let's start learning the five-step breathing.

  1. Relax, slowly and gradually exhale all the air, there should be a feeling that the lungs are completely empty. Lips should be folded into a tube.
  2. The second stage is a quick and intense breath. Try to put as much air through your nose into your lungs.
  3. Then also exhale sharply and quickly through the mouth with the sound "groin".
  4. Draw in the air and do not breathe for 10 seconds.
  5. Relax again, release the muscles in your abdomen and slowly sigh.

Bodyflex Exercises with Marina Korpan

This technique has recently gained great popularity, and it effectively helps young mothers recover from childbirth in a short period. You do not need a lot of time, tedious loads and strict diets. The exercises developed by Marina will help not only to get rid of excess in the waist area and to pump up the abdominal muscles, but also to choose suitable lessons for yourself. Watch a video of bodyflex belly with Marina Korpan, pay attention to the complex for beginners. If you have a weak physical training, then you need to start with him. If there are problem areas, you can choose exercises for these areas: body flex for hands, face, legs, bracing, anti-cellulite complex. In order not to get tired of the monotony, Marina developed 33 lessons that are directed to specific areas.

Effective exercises for the sides and abdomen

To get rid of excess in these areas, it is enough to give your body 15 minutes a day and do only 4 exercises.

Exercise for a flat stomach

Table of contents:   Advantages and features of bodyflex   Three Rules by Grieg Chillers   About contraindications   The results of regular training   Breath is the foundation   Bodyflex Exercises with Marina Korpan   Effective exercises for the sides and abdomen   Bodyflex is a special set of exercises developed by 53-year-old Grieg Childers, who after the birth of three children was able to return to 44 sizes after 56

To do this, lie on the floor, lift your legs up and bend them at the knees, feet should be in contact with the floor. Stretch your arms up so that your back and head do not come off the floor. In this position, work your breath, trying to reach with your shoulders up.

Stretching the sides

Bend your knees, place your palms slightly above the knees, first perform all the steps of the breathing exercises, then put your left hand on your left knee, transfer your entire body weight to the left side, and free your right, slightly raising and standing on your toe, stay in this position on 8 seconds, then repeat two more times, change sides.


helps to correct the waist, abdomen and hips. Sit on the floor, cross your knees, bending your knees, while the left knee should be on top. Place your left hand back, it should be behind the body, and put your right hand on your left knee. In this position, you need to do breathing exercises, then weight the body to the left hand, and the right start to tighten the knee as close as possible to yourself. This should be done until you can look back. The exercise is repeated 10 times on both sides.

The exercise is repeated 10 times on both sides

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The most effective tool for sagging belly. Lie on the floor, straighten your legs, and place your hands under the buttocks, palms spread down to the floor. Remember that the loin and head must be in contact with the floor during the entire exercise. First, do breathing exercises, then simultaneously lift two legs 10 cm from the floor, begin to gradually move your legs in different directions, as if they were scissors. The exercise is performed for 10 seconds, then the legs can be lowered and relaxed.

It is interesting to hear an opinion about the bodyflex for the abdomen according to the opinions of the people who are involved in it.

Taisiya, 35 years old. Began to engage bodyflesom, and helped. The tummy disappeared pretty quickly, maybe that's why I started to be lazy and quit classes. Renewed them only after delivery. Now it was a more conscious step. And the second time I came to the forms that I had before giving birth. Asya. 29 years. I was engaged in the lessons of M. Korpan for about six months, but there were no results at all. My figure has not changed. The only plus I learned to breathe, so I feel much better. Helena. 41 years old. Sat on different diets, and none gave good results. Heard about the technique of bodyflex from friends and decided to try. Very pleased, because the workout takes 15 minutes a day, and the figure already looks much better. Of course, breathing means a lot.

Bodyflex is available to all comers, but at first it is still worth learning about contraindications. Before the start of classes, be sure to remember all the rules and master the breathing exercises and select the appropriate course for yourself. If you used to play sports, then there will be no quick results, as the muscles were well trained before that, and they got used to the loads.


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