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What is needed to open a gas station?

Own fuel trading business is certainly profitable

Own fuel trading business is certainly profitable. Investing an investment will definitely pay off. Especially if you opted for the construction of gas filling machines. Despite the fact that there are still more cars in Russia with gasoline and diesel fuel in the tank, gas analogues are quickly gaining market share. After all, the main advantage of such a car is extremely low fuel cost. Some motorists even specially pump their cars to use gas.

So, how to open a gas station for cars, which rules must be followed, documents collected and approval obtained?

The first bonus for your business - the cost of its launch is significantly lower than the amount invested in the construction of a gasoline gas station. However, we are still talking about a decent amount of money, so it is worthwhile to carefully calculate and plan everything.

Start, as usual, will have in the land. First, study the question yourself, and then attract experts who will unequivocally confirm to you the possibility of building a gas station in a given place. By the way, when choosing a place is not so important intensive flow of cars in the immediate vicinity. You will have less competitors. And for cheap fuel the drivers will definitely travel a couple of extra kilometers. The main thing is that they know exactly where to go. Therefore, it is necessary to invest heavily in advertising. But it is much later. While your task is to withdraw land.

The act of choosing a land plot must be obtained from the local authorities. Moreover, this document should be coordinated with all interested bodies. You will need the signature of firefighters, sanitary stations, traffic police, environmentalists, road builders. Based on this act, all signed and certified by the local administration within a month will decide on the provision of land for construction. They can also refuse, exactly, as well as to offer other land plots. Depending on who owns the site, you will have the opportunity to either buy it out or rent it. The first is preferable, land ownership for such a capital business is safer.

Having solved the issue with the land, you can proceed to the construction and purchase of equipment. Of course, all these actions are possible if you have previously registered as an individual entrepreneur or have registered a legal entity. But this is the basics, even children know about them.

Purchase of equipment is a responsible matter. First you need to decide what gas you’ll fill up with cars. Option two: methane or propane.

To fill the car with methane, pressurized gas is compressed and filled with a gas cylinder of a car. Such gas is transported through pipelines. It costs less than propane, but gas equipment will cost a pretty penny.

Propane is more common in Russia as a gas for refueling cars. It is a liquefied gas. For transportation of propane used special transport. Gas in compliance with all safety measures is transported in tanks, pumped to the storage at the gas station and only then sold to customers.

Having dealt with the equipment, it's time to start searching for suppliers. For "propane" refills, this is probably the key business issue. The main problem is that monopolistic enterprises in the industry are not ready to sell gas to small offices at reasonable prices. The "methane" competitors also have nuances. It is not so easy to find a section to which it will be possible to connect the pipeline later.

After the installation of the relevant equipment, it is necessary to go through coordination in all control authorities. As well as before starting a business you will have to obtain a license to operate explosive premises and equipment.

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So, how to open a gas station for cars, which rules must be followed, documents collected and approval obtained?


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