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How to make the body burn fat, not muscle

  1. How to burn fat and not lose muscle - what you need to know
  2. How to make the body burn fat, not muscle
  3. 1. Strengthened cardio workouts
  4. 2. Using small projectile weights for more approaches.
  5. 3. Moderate intensity, repetitive, non-developing cardio loads
  6. 4. Abrupt start and abrupt completion
  7. 5. Strengthen training and increase the number of exercises.
  8. 6. Disposal of nutritious carbohydrate supplements
  9. 7. Cardio before bedtime
  10. How to burn fat and keep muscles - everything is simple ...

Cardio training is the best way to burn fat, but not only fat will burn, but also muscle. Below you will learn how to burn fat, not muscle with the help of cardio.

Below you will learn how to burn fat, not muscle with the help of cardio

How to burn fat and not lose muscle - what you need to know

Most people trying to get rid of excess weight use stupid diets and exercise systems that make it impossible to burn fat and maintain muscle. From this they look worse, after which all the fat comes back in greater volume. Strengthened cardio exercises with special supplements really protect your muscles. The only way. Without drugs, there will be no effect.

If you have taken up cardio workouts for fat burning, then use a 45-60 minute light workout or a 15-minute enhanced workout. Ignoring carbohydrates between workouts or post-training period is the worst thing you can do with your body.

“Cardio does not burn fat. Muscle Burns Fat ”- John Meadows

How to make the body burn fat, not muscle

Every time people take up weight loss, they begin to engage in all possible stupid activities that completely prevent the growth of muscles. They lose weight due to and fat and muscle mass. Thus, they get rid of not only the fullness, but also the harmony and fit of their own body. They are not that they become slimmer, they are proportionally reduced, while not improving their bodies qualitatively.

Their body begins to occupy less "space", the scales say that the weight really goes away, and the doctors congratulate you for your success in achieving the "healthy" weight. And in fact, in most cases, such people do not look better. This is the moment to which no one pays attention.

The main priority for weight loss should be to maintain muscle mass. Losses in muscle mass are unacceptable. The loss of muscles threatens an unaesthetic appearance after losing weight and, moreover, the lack of developed muscles will prevent further loss of fat mass, because muscles are responsible for burning fat.

5 kilograms of muscle burn 50 kcal every day, even if you are at rest. So, having lost 5 kilograms of muscles, you will easily lose the opportunity to get rid of the daily 50 kcal per day and 350 kcal per week. If the goal is really important to you, then even such a not very big loss can affect the result.

There is still such a moment as insulin sensitivity. If you have developed muscles, then your insulin sensitivity will be smoothed out thanks to the muscles. Developed muscles have more insulin receptors - it is the muscles that are most sensitive to insulin. That is, everything that you eat will be processed in the muscles and can no longer be deposited in fat. The more muscle mass you have, the more intensely you will be able to train, the more calories you will destroy during your workout. From this it becomes clear that during a diet you must take care of the state of the muscle mass, this is vital! Next, we consider the most common mistakes of those who are trying to lose weight.

1. Strengthened cardio workouts

This is exactly what everyone starts with in the morning and what was popular in the early years of bodybuilding development around the world. And it works only if you use drugs that enhance the performance of your body. Such drugs help to maintain muscle mass and help in getting rid of fat. But for someone who denies such drugs, enhanced cardio is a direct path to muscle loss.

First of all, the level of cortisol is increased in the morning (the supply of cortisol is exactly what gives your body the strength to wake up in the morning and energetically start the working day). If you do not eat, the level of cortisol may even increase slightly. And if you also start a cardio workout, the level of cortisol will just fly up to heaven.

And this is a direct path to muscle loss. In addition, after such a workout on an empty stomach, you will receive such a steady level of cortisol that it will be very difficult to reduce it during the day (especially in a state of calorie deficiency in the diet). This way you will lose muscle all day. Not that I was in favor of or against cardio. For some, this is a way to become super slim. But for most, this method does not work. Well and everything else, enhanced cardio exercises only worsen the situation.

The ideal period for truly successful cardio workouts is a post-absorption state. This is when you do not experience the feeling of hunger, but not the period when you digest food that you have just eaten. This is the period of time when nutrients are in the bloodstream, which provokes the processes of splitting fat and burning calories. Think for yourself, if you are doing cardio on an empty stomach, then splitting fat over the next 24 hours will be at an extremely low level.

This is due to the fact that the metabolism during the day is kept at a high level - it causes fatigue during the day, especially if you are on a diet. The level of activity during the day is instinctively reduced. Strengthened cardio loads provoke catabolic processes in the muscle mass.

Cardio on a full stomach is also not the best idea. This slows down the process of splitting fats and increases the oxidation of glucose, not to mention the fact that the majority of people hardly cope with the energetic loads in the process of digestion. The best time for cardio is the period when the body completely absorbs the nutrients before exercise. Unfortunately, with solid food, the digestion process is delayed for a much longer period.

And solid food is digested by each person in its own way, depending on weight, age, type of food and time of day. It is here that liquid food supplements and medical preparations are saving. They can be drunk and immediately start cardio loads without thinking about negative effects and getting the maximum positive result from cardio loads.

Such drugs also increase the level of metabolism in the body, helping to become slimmer and qualitatively improve the results. One serving of such a cocktail 20 minutes before the start of training will be enough. Bottom line: we avoid increased cardio loads if you want to get rid of fat and not lose muscle. The only harmonious way is to use liquid food supplements to maintain muscle tone.

The effect of this drug will continue for the next 24 hours and after exercise.

2. Using small projectile weights for more approaches.

In order not to lose muscle mass, you must constantly maintain or constantly increase the level of your strength. If you manage to keep more and more weight, then you really manage to make your body retain its power. Your body will see a vital need for increased power if you regularly force it to cope with increasing difficulties. As soon as you reduce the weight you lift, the body immediately feels that there is no point in developing further and gradually begins to reduce muscle mass. Muscles just need tons of calories that feed them. Error number two - an increase in the number of repetitions for one approach.

Many believe that this will make the muscles more contoured. True, they do not know that with such an approach it is in principle impossible. To get more defined muscles, you must first get rid of fat, while maintaining muscle tone. Therefore, the less weight is lifted, the less benefit it brings to the muscles.

Calories with an increase in the number of repetitions, you, of course, lose, but this approach focuses only on fat loss, and not on the development of muscle mass. Increasing the number of repetitions in an exercise is justified only if you have just thoroughly trained with heavy weight.

However, you can slightly reduce muscle mass - when you change the weight of the projectile from heavy to light in exercises, you significantly weaken the recovery process. And with reduced calorie intake, moreover, muscle recovery does not go as it should.

Regression in the process of training leads to regression in the development of muscles. Moral of the story? During the diet is to maintain a diet that will support the growth of your muscles. And stop "light loads". Focus on the tedious but fruitful process of the good old pumping up, increasing and increasing the weight.

3. Moderate intensity, repetitive, non-developing cardio loads

If you still entered cardio exercises in the schedule for losing excess weight, then you have two cardinally opposing options: low load (walking) or serious, intense load (sprints, interval cardio workouts). The first type of exercise, which most people like to use when getting rid of excess weight, causes a jump in the level of cortisol in the blood.

This type of activity only stimulates the release of cortisol and keeps it at this level the whole day. A low-intensity cardio — a one-hour walk in the park or something like that — will not be so intense as to stimulate the production of cortisol cortisol, so this is not even considered. Such walks have a relaxing effect, in which the level of cortisol does not increase and even drops a little. Highly intense cardio loads can lead to an “explosion” of cortisol in the blood.

But even if the intensive load is low in duration, then there will be no such effect. Conclusion - either 45-60 minute light loads or high intensity loads lasting 15 minutes or less are ideal. Here's the plus of adding weighting when doing exercises - five minutes and an intensely heavy exercise is completed! Such activity will even help build some muscle!

4. Abrupt start and abrupt completion

Losing fat and changing your body is an emotional issue. After all, we want us to have a dream body and we want it right now! Such thinking leads to our fourth mistake: too abrupt onset. I watched how many people began their diets with less than 50 grams of carbohydrates and fats per day at 1200 calories per day.

Add to this, 90 minutes of cardio loads per day (and sometimes all 120) with a specific training system in the gym. Here you have the “perfect” fat burning formula. Just great! But how long can anyone stand it?

More importantly, how much time does it take your body to adapt? My experience shows that the body will adapt to this level of deprivation and the level of activity from 4 to 6 weeks, and the loss of fat, in the end, will still come to a standstill ... So what if you can tolerate it all for 4-6 weeks ! You will feel overwhelmed and tormented by intolerable hunger pangs with zero energy for work and normal life. Plus - the loss of muscle mass. How to restore fat loss with this approach? Cut out of a diet is absolutely nothing, and no matter how much you exercise, you can not complicate the exercises, simply because you will not have enough energy for this.

With this approach, you can say, doomed. You will still lose some fat, but progress will be so slow that no other way to achieve this goal will help you. Avoid any “overruns” from the start.

Do not go too far - use the diet and cardio system of exercises as well, and the fat was leaving at an acceptable speed, and so that the strength was enough for training. You need to increase your strength daily. The more conservative you are in your approach to losing weight, the more problems you will have at the moment when the fat stops leaving.

5. Strengthen training and increase the number of exercises.

When someone wants to get relief muscles, he, naturally, maximally saturates his workout with all possible exercises.

As if this makes it possible to "grind" the muscles, working on it from all imaginable and inconceivable sides and angles. But keep one thing in mind - you cannot shape the muscles. Muscles become either more or less. So do not rush off the bat - try to better develop a competent strategy. Will the muscles increase with the addition of new exercises? The answer is yes.

True, on the condition that your body has a surplus of calories, not calorie deficit. Calories are needed to continuously maintain muscle growth. If you are not a supporter of all sorts of stimulant drugs, then on a strict diet, you are unlikely to be able to “polish” and increase your muscle mass in volume. More exercise will require more fuel. After the exercises, a person with a low-calorie diet will have problems with post-training recovery. All this prevents preserve muscle mass.

Many argue that after a reinforced variety of exercises, their muscles look bigger and more prominent. Only now they do not realize that this “effect” is caused by swelling from the inflammatory process of muscle tissue and by the next trip to the gym, the peak moment may come when you simply cannot take more weight or simply complete the planned exercise. If, again, add to this diet and a restriction in calories, then the muscles will simply have nowhere to take energy for recovery. So, your weight loss process comes to a standstill again.

6. Disposal of nutritious carbohydrate supplements

This is probably the most common problem. Even I got caught in my time! For a long time, carbohydrates were considered to be the cause of weight loss difficulties, especially during the crazy fashion days of a carbohydrate-free diet. But among all the carbohydrate phobols I was probably the most important. I simply did not eat carbohydrates at all, either before or during or after exercise. In carbohydrate products, as well as in sports carbohydrate food additives and cocktails contain a huge amount of peptides and natural mineral substances that preserve or even increase muscle mass.

Even during the diet should not be neglected carbohydrates. If, adhering to a diet, you completely abandon carbohydrates, then the loss of fat you, of course, provided. But you can forget about restoring and shaping beautiful muscles during the post-training period. Do not be afraid to eat carbohydrates in the period after exercise. They will not be postponed anywhere and will not worsen your weight loss statistics. They only increase fat loss, because they saturate your muscles with more energy to exercise and increase stress.

They only increase fat loss, because they saturate your muscles with more energy to exercise and increase stress

7. Cardio before bedtime

A common mistake that also deserves special mention. She used to be popular in bodybuilding circles. But again, do not forget that this type of training has a positive effect only when taking hormonal drugs and steroids. Without them, you will not be able to change your physiology and achieve at least some positive result.

The more androgens / steroids in your blood, the less cortisol affects you. High levels of cortisol before bedtime will prevent sleep and will disturb our sleep until the morning. It will support the destructive processes of catabolism in the muscles all night. To optimize the recovery process after a workout, it is enough just to forget about the habit of loading yourself with cardio overnight.

How to burn fat and keep muscles - everything is simple ...

  • Do not reduce everything during strength training;
  • Do not try to add more and more new exercises;
  • Do not try to burn more calories by weight lifting;
  • If you decide on cardio, then let it be short-term intensive loads or long-term non-intensive loads in the post-absorption period;
  • Do not try to adjust the shape of the muscles during a period of calorie deficiency - the best thing you can do is either increase or decrease their volume;
  • Do not ruin quality workouts lack of carbohydrates! On the contrary, increase their consumption in the post-training period;
  • Be conservative and do not go to extremes in either diet or exercise. How long you still do not stretch.

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Moral of the story?
But how long can anyone stand it?
More importantly, how much time does it take your body to adapt?
How to restore fat loss with this approach?
Will the muscles increase with the addition of new exercises?


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